Swimming Pigs, Turtles and Pink Sand Beach

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Experience The Pink Sands of Eleuthera

Eleuthera, a stunning island in The Bahamas, is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and unique attractions.

Three of its most notable highlights are the Eleuthera swimming pigs, turtles, and the Pink Sand Beach. Let's explore each of them


Stop at: Meeks Patch 

The Eleuthera swimming pigs have gained worldwide fame and have become an iconic attraction of the island. Just like their counterparts in Exuma, these friendly and adorable pigs live freely on a secluded beach known as Pig Beach. Visitors have the incredible opportunity to swim and interact with these charming creatures on this picturesque spot. It's a truly unforgettable experience to frolic in the crystal-clear turquoise waters alongside the playful and sociable swimming pigs.

Stop at: Spanish Wells 

Another mesmerizing feature of Eleuthera is its thriving population of sea turtles. The island is home to several species of turtles, including the green sea turtle, loggerhead turtle, and hawksbill turtle. These graceful marine creatures can often be spotted while snorkeling or diving in the surrounding waters. Snorkelers and divers can encounter these majestic animals gracefully gliding through the sea, showcasing their beauty and serenity. Swimming alongside these gentle giants is an awe-inspiring encounter that highlights the island's commitment to marine conservation. Guest will also be allowed to get lunch from the Marina called Shipwreck. 

Stop at: Pink Sand Beach 

Eleuthera boasts one of the most spectacular and unique beaches in the world—the Pink Sand Beach. Located on the eastern side of the island, this stunning beach stretches for miles, offering visitors a mesmerizing sight. The sand gets its pink hue from the crushed coral and shells that have mixed with the white sand over time, creating a soft pink tint that contrasts beautifully with the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Walking along the shoreline, feeling the powdery pink sand beneath your feet, and enjoying the tranquil ambiance is an experience that truly captivates the senses.

Overall, Eleuthera's swimming pigs, turtles, and pink sand beach are distinct features that make the island a remarkable destination. Whether you're seeking playful encounters with the swimming pigs, marveling at the grace of sea turtles, or immersing yourself in the unique beauty of the pink sand beach, Eleuthera offers an incredible blend of natural wonders that will leave you with timeless memories.


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